Need Volunteers?
Are you a non-profit organization that provides A service to the St. Louis  community, especially those most in need?  If yes, then We Would Love to Work With You!

Please send a message via our Contact Page. Details to Include:  Requestors Name, Phone Number, Organization Name, Mission, Website Address, Non-Profit Status, what type of service work is being requested and the

Date Service is to be Completed. 

Please note:  Our T.O.M.'s calendar fills up very fast during the year, please be very generous with timing when requesting a date.  Your request will be reviewed within a timely fashion and your organization will be notified when approved or declined.  Once your service request has been approved you may be asked to provide a copy of your Insurance Policy and other safety related information.

T.O.M.'s do not accept payment for services rendered, however a Donation is welcomed.  Please see our Donation page for details.

*Don't forget, we also volunteer within our neighboring cities like Chicago and Kansas City!