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Start boosting your results: more conversions, happier customers, and increased revenue. Dive into heatmaps, site analysis, easy no-code page tweaks, A/B testing, attention-grabbing pop-ups, and personalized magic – all with just one tag.

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Why Ptengine?

Insights Simplified, Performance Multiplied & Easy to Learn

Boost Conversions with Ptengine

Without Ptengine

Act on instinct, without knowing

Delays by data & IT support

Campaigns spread out over weeks or even months

Lacking insights and learnings

With Ptengine

Data-driven initiatives

Rapid improvement cycle

Initiating strategies in seconds

Continuous conversion improvement week after week

How it works?

Ptengine features

Data & Heatmap Analysis

Beyond Numbers: Customer Experiences with Data and Heatmap Analysis

Time to really get to know your visitors and clients! We're not just talking numbers here – we're diving deep into your website with heatmap analysis. Check out traffic sources, see how campaigns are converting, discover what users are into, figure out user churn, compare different segments, look at different versions – Ptengine is packed with all these cool features and more!

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A/B testing

No Code Needed

Time to roll up your sleeves and start experimenting with your website! Dive into A/B testing, give value proposal testing a whirl, jazz up your CTA for maximum impact, fine-tune those forms – the list goes on! Remember, "If you don’t test, you won’t know." Let's uncover those insights!

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Pop-ups & Triggers

Time it right, boost conversions!

Ptengine empowers you to whip up pop-ups for a variety of enhancements: Collect exit surveys, pump up seminar promotions, reel in leads, gather NPS feedback, dish out product recommendations – all geared towards supercharging your conversions! And the best part? We offer a gallery of ready-to-use pop-ups for you to choose from.

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Content Personalization

Tailored for Every Individual: The Ultimate Customer Experience

Catering to Specific Audiences: Personalize First Views for Ad and Search Traffic, Suggest Varied Products Based on Age Groups, and Tailor Offers for New vs. Returning Users. Unlocking these possibilities of content personalization is crucial for fostering stronger user connections and driving higher engagement rates.

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Why choose Ptengine?

The advantages of Ptengine

Simple and Powerful

Start in just 5 minutes with a single line of code on your website. With crystal-clear data and intuitive usability, you can swiftly launch strategies and experience rapid website improvement cycles.

Effortless ROI Boost: Seize, Engage, and Gain!

Easily spot issues and grab opportunities on your site. Quickly engage, test, and validate with visitors, all of which ramps up your ROI. It's about making smart decisions effortlessly that really amp up your revenue.

Customer Success

We are always here for you: Quick issue resolution and achieving your goals, our team is here to help with implementation and usage. We also offer templates and useful information to ensure you're worry-free.

Ideas & Templates

Over 100 Templates & Idea Library

Ptengine provides a range of ready-to-use pop-up and fixed bar templates for instant use, along with a treasure trove of campaign ideas. This speeds up results and helps you gather experience and insights along the way.

Voice of customers

Check out our customers across different industries and sizes.

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