Content Personalization

Custom experiences for each person, exactly when they need it.

Offer customized interactions to users, nurturing lasting connections right from the start.

User Segmentation

Target Audience

Group users by info, actions, and more. Tailor experiences for each.

Deliver tailored experiences based on insights

Acquire hot users quickly and improve ROI

Optimize for each user's potential

Grouping Users

Organizing users based on their visit details for targeted engagement.

Categorize from Past Behavior

Create segments using users' past browsing history.

Segment by Membership Data

Create groups based on membership information and offer exclusive deals and experiences.

Contents creating

Creating the Perfect User Experience

Customize pages and interactions to suit each user's likes and interests, making a special place for everyone.

Direct users to pages matching their interests

Use language and responses tailored to individuals

Offer interactions that match the brand's style

Personalized Pages

Add titles, images, offers, and more that match the recipient's preferences, using their attributes and behavior data.

Personalized Pop-ups

Understand needs from current behavior and context, delivering the most relevant message.

Customer Journey Personalization

Offer individualized interactions to share information and foster connections throughout each stage of the journey, guiding users through the purchase funnel.

Experience Insights

Improving Experiences Continuously

Get valuable insights from personalized experience reports. Keep fine-tuning strategies and branching out to other channels.

Review strategies with user feedback

Track goals at each journey stage

Expand to more channels and excel with personalized tactics

Personalized Heatmaps and Reports

See the impact of your delivered experiences with quick reports and heatmaps.

Tracking Goals for Personalization

Define multiple goals for each journey and keep refining them.

Personalization A/B Tests

Try out different approaches with A/B tests to give more value. Build better relationships with customers along the way.

More Features

Web analysis & Heatmaps

Cut the guesswork, boost your know-how.

Instantly Understand the Backstory of User Behavior

Understand Your Website's with Diverse Reports

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A/B Testing

Keep experimenting for big wins.

Run thorough tests on your terms

Quick and impactful setup and results

Get the scoop on what works, pronto

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Create engaging pop-ups without hassle.

Place widgets where you want

Adjust timing and audience

See how they perform, make things better

Loads of ready-made templates in the library

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