Web Analytics & Heatmaps

Unleash Your Website’s Potential,
Infinite Possibilities

See user behaviors crystal clear, and get insights you can actually use.


Uncover User Behavior Insights in a Snap

With easy-to-understand visualizations, like tracking visitor actions such as clicks and scrolls, you'll effortlessly grasp visitor insights and spot chances for enhancement.

See What Users Love with Colorful Visuals

Find Where People Drop Off and Why

Discover What's Driving Conversions

Different Heatmap Types

Different heatmap flavors: Click Heatmaps, Attention Heatmaps, Scroll Reach Rate, Element Analysis, and more.

Historical Heatmap

Hang onto previous page versions, so you can compare heatmaps before and after making changes.

Heatmap comparison

Put multiple heatmaps side by side for quick comparisons. You can compare dates, A/B tests, devices, conversions vs. non-conversions, new visits vs. returning visits, and more.

Conversion Contribution by Element

Get the nitty-gritty on clicks and see how each click impacts conversions.

Industry-Leading Precision

Attain top-notch heatmap precision with our exclusive calculation algorithms and flexible rendering specs. We support dynamic pages, single-page applications (SPAs), and beyond.

Turn Insights into Instant Action

Tap [Take Action] right from the heatmap screen to initiate instant strategies without any coding. Edit pages, conduct A/B testing, set up pop-ups, personalize, and much more.

Event tracking

Get to Know Your Website Better with Various Reports

See user actions across your site, from overall trends to individual pages, focusing on influx, content, and visitor behavior. Easily spot challenges and opportunities:

Uncover fruitful and less fruitful traffic sources

Locate abandonment hotspots

Understand which visitor groups drive conversions

Get the Full Picture of Your Traffic

Keep an eye on your website's live performance and gather insights from different viewpoints, like funnel analysis and channel breakdowns.

Powerful Segmentation in One Click

Effortlessly break down user groups by traffic source, behavior, region, and more with just a click. This gives you a richer, multi-dimensional understanding of your visitors.

Tracking Events Without Any Code

No more need for tech skills: track events without any code and instantly see specific actions.

More Features

A/B Testing

Keep experimenting for big wins.

Run thorough tests on your terms

Quick and impactful setup and results

Get the scoop on what works, pronto

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Create engaging pop-ups without hassle.

Place widgets where you want

Adjust timing and audience

See how they perform, make things better

Loads of ready-made templates in the library

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Content Personalization

Custom experiences for each person, exactly when they need it.

Sort Users into Groups

Personalize offers and products

Create the Perfect Experience

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